Below are the Creative Challenges presented to the 2013 PCA Members.  You can begin your challenge at any time throughout the year. Do them on your own, or get together with friends & fellow artists.  Bring your completed challenge with you on the dates listed below.  Those dates are Monthly PCA Members Meetings for this year, and the Creative Challenge is the program for those meetings. Programs begin at 7 pm (6:30 pm for socializing) at CityArts Cooperative, 318 Luverne Avenue, Downtown Panama City.  Months not listed below have a guest speaker or other program.  Come see the Creative Challenges, even if you don’t accept the challenge yourself- we’re sure you’ll be inspired by the shared creativity!

March 19 – The Masters
Stretch yourself as an artist and explore color.  Using an artist that you find inspirational or an old master, and based on the color story and theme within one of their works exploring both the colors and the theme, create a new composition.  Share with the PCA members both your choice, why, and your composition.  The challenge is designed to encourage the artist to explore, create and to be inspired by others.

July 16 – Brown Paper Bag
Each artist will be given a Brown Paper Bag, the artist must incorporate the entire Brown Paper Bag in their piece.  Any and all media is encouraged giving freedom to turn the Brown Paper Bag into anything: wearable, hangable, perhaps three dimensional, just play with your imagination.  The artist will share with the PCA member not only the work of art but the source of inspiration.  Have fun!

September 17 – Printing Texture
Enhance the surface of your art with printed textures using a variety of tools and materials.  Almost any textured object that retains its shape will do:  leaves, sponges, screens, stamps, make your own.  No store bought please, nature has an ample supply.  Be an experimenter.  Press the objects into the paint, ink, or maybe colored paste, and then print the surface of your canvas.  Other times apply paint directly to the object to make the print.  Experiment and play, and bring the results to the meeting and share with the members.

October 15 – Play with Line (Watercolor and ink combined)
If you have never played with watercolor here is your chance;  watercolor and ink are a great combination.  Make sure one technique is dominant.  Use the ink as a line definition, perhaps enhancing your focal point with just a few line accents or perhaps do a line drawing with the ink drawing being predominant and the watercolor used as a tint.  Who is to say you can only use water?  What about using another water based media?  Even think about using a stick to apply your ink lines.  Have fun and share the results with the PCA members.

Questions?  Contact the Creative Challange Chairman at or call PCA at 850-769-0608. You can talk about the challenges with other artists here