Panama City Artists
This Month’s ART Program – ‘The Masters’ Creative Challenge
Tuesday, March 19, 6:30pm
Stretch yourself as an artist and explore color. Using an artist that you find inspirational – a ‘master’, study the color story and theme within one of their works, exploring both the colors and theme as you do so.  Use this to create a new composition. Come to the meeting to share with your fellow PCA members and guests your choice, why, and your composition.  This challenge is designed to encourage the artist to explore, create and be inspired by others.

- Analysis of chosen ‘master’ piece from the standpoint of colors
What hues (colors) in your chosen painting dominate?
    What colors are more important?  Example; Warm or Cool
- What is the color scheme which is sometimes hard to determine, not so much as to label, but see the suggestion or contrast or harmony?
    Do dark colors or light colors dominate?
    Note the value shifts.
- What is the general impression you get from the painting, and how is it related to the use of color.
- Most importantly how are you going to interrupt it into your piece?
Examples by Marie Brusher, Creative Challenge Chairperson. If you have questions, or just need a little help finishing (or starting!) your project, please contact Marie at, or 850-624-4611.
Please don’t miss this special PCA Program on Tuesday, February 19th, at 6:30pm, at CityArts Cooperative! If you don’t create a piece, please come to see what your fellow members have created and participatie in the discussions.  This is the first month that we are launching such a program, are very excited about it, and hope that you will be too!